The heads of ministries and education departments of the regions of Siberia do not exclude the possibility of the future inclusion in the Unified state exam (CSE) questions and tasks, which will be shown as the period of the pandemic coronavirus has changed people’s lives into before and after. Such issues can be reflected in the exams in history and biology, this opinion they shared Thursday at a press conference in the press center TASS.

"In my opinion, I still a professional historian with a diploma, must pass a certain period of time, so we can evaluate what happened. Of course, I think [the issues of the pandemic] will ever [made to the questions of the exam in recent history], because the event clearly superior from the point of view of what it affected the whole world. And, in my opinion, today’s story can be divided according to the principle of much of what happened to [pandemic] coronavirus, and all that, started to happen after it. It is no coincidence that many futurists write that the world will never be the same", – said the Minister of education of the Novosibirsk region Sergey Fedorchuk.

He said that the pandemic of the novel coronavirus will leave a mark in history, and will be included in the job not only as affecting the whole world infection, but also as an impetus for the development of the new economy.

"many processes in the economy were launched, which are not directly related to all processes that were before the pandemic. For one simple reason – many things are moving to a remote format, from the many things people simply refuse because the pandemic has shown that it is not necessary to collect all in one place, to pose the problem," said Fedorchuk.

The same opinion is shared by the head of the Department of secondary education Tomsk region Irina Grabtsevich.

"it’s possible they [the questions] appear because they are essential for both economic and socio-cultural economic development," she said.

The Minister of education of Krasnoyarsk region Svetlana Makovsky has supported colleagues and said that in the future questions about the pandemic coronavirus can appear not only in the exam on history, and biology.

Fedorchuk noted that now in the exam there are already issues relating to major epidemics, in particular epidemics of plague that occurred in the middle of the 14th century, when as a result of the disease died many representatives of the Russian princely dynasty.