The school administration will not be able to provide new rules of the CPS, which each class will be assigned to his office, and communication students will be reduced to a minimum. Experts interviewed by “Izvestia” believe that to follow the instructions of the specialists would be unrealistic.

Just the rules of the CPS 19 points and half of them for disinfection of premises and safe organization of children’s nutrition in canteens. As noted in the schools to comply with these rules will not be a problem. much more difficult the organization of educational process, when every class must be located in the same office. According to the chief researcher at the Institute for the study of childhood, family and upbringing RAO Ilya slobodchikova, the idea of making the classroom after class has a positive impact in the psychological aspect — it gives students more stability. However, in this case, it remains unknown the fate of laboratory and physical and chemical rooms. And orgsummary the interregional trade Union of workers of education “Teacher” Olga Miryasova adds that there are problems with the teachers, who will have to rebuild on the fly. “If the subject is moving from class to class, then to present this is impossible. It is a question not even the teachers themselves and the educational process,” she notes.

Mirasova believes that contact between the children and the school cannot restrict. “The scale of schools in large cities are so great that change is impossible to move to infinity. Still a few classes to be on them at the same time”, — says the expert.

Experts have come to believe that the new rules may lead to a “General neurosis” in schools.