The daughter of slain opposition leader Boris Nemtsov and Catherine Odintsov 18-year-old Dina admitted that she married so early, because I fell in love.

She stressed that not pregnant.

I had not considered the possibility of cohabitation before marriage for themselves. It is a sin in my religion and I was brought up, — the girl admitted.

According to her, the groom remained calm. She was only nervous. But all the festivities were held in a peaceful atmosphere. Now the couple are resting after the Banquet.

Publish from Dean Nemtsov (@dinanemtsova_) 3 August 2020 7:42 PDT

In early July, the young man made a proposal to the girl. The couple announced that the wedding will be held next year. But in the end the young people were married on 2 August in Moscow on the ruble. Mom Dina, businesswoman Ekaterina Odintsova, congratulated the newlyweds and wished them love and happiness.

Earlier wrote that in social networks actively discussing the second wedding of the heiress of the main talasahi country Roses Sabitova. Instagram users are outraged by the appearance of the bride Kseniya Shevchenko-Sabitova and the celebration itself, the organization of which they described as a “collective approach”.