On the Amber factory in Kaliningrad region on the eve of Day of Russia produced three unique amber nugget. About it reports a press-service of the mining company.

In honor of the nugget with a weight of 1320 grams was given the name “Russian-2020”. The second gem, the weight of which was 1240 grams, was named “Russia-2020”. The smallest of this group of amber weighing exactly pounds called “Antranik”.

As noted by miners, the findings are very symbolic. For more than 70-year history of the plant in amber’s career has never been found several nuggets in the same day. On the evening of 11 June 2020 such an event happened for the first time.

It unique are the stones weigh one kilogram. All these findings go to Moscow in the Russian state Depository. There is a special Commission evaluates the minerals determines their fate.

the Stones without chips and cracks, the recognized precious, shall be kept in Gokhran. Some of the finds are sold at special auctions, others Supplement the Museum collection of the Kaliningrad amber plant. What is the fate of “Russian-2020”, “Russian woman-2020” and “Antaranga” is still unknown.