In the Kaliningrad region on Russia Day, the national flag of the Russian Federation has raised in the territory of Curonian spit national Park. About it the correspondent “the Russian newspaper” reported in regional Department of the Russian popular front.

On the lookout one of the highest dunes in Europe – the height of the EFA – mounted stationary flagpole. Today at 12.00 Moscow time volunteers nationwide project #Myvesta, activists of the popular front and the national Park Rangers hoisted the Russian tricolor. After the solemn ceremony the flag was still at the height of the EFA.

the height of the EFA is located on the top of a dune Nut (Pets) and is the highest point of the Curonian spit (62 meters above sea level). The Skydeck offers the diversity of landscapes of the spit: the Baltic sea, the Curonian lagoon, the space covered by forest, cozy cabins of the village of Marine.

because of the coronavirus, the event did not make the mass, and was attended by about ten people. According to community members, installation of the Russian flag at the height of the EFA has just suggested itself. It’s one of the most recognizable locations in Kaliningrad region, and the tricolor on the spit will be visible from afar.