Vladimir Zhirinovsky offensive spoke about Nargis.

He called the singer a “monkey” and “monster” and prophesied her death under the fence from all sorts of diseases.

Nargis consulted with lawyers and said he was going to deal with the leader of the liberal democratic party in court, informs “Moscow Komsomolets”.

For this reason Zakirova in the social network issued an “official statement”.

“Dear media, and, in fact, not respecting too! I appeal to you to pay attention with the utmost accuracy and the author’s (my) punctuation to announce in the media space is my official statement.
My lawyer clearly explained to me that under s. 1 of article 5.61 Cao RF , administrative offense recognized an insult, that is humiliation of honour of dignity of another person, expressed in indecent form. Based on this, insult me, coming from the mouth of Mr. Zhirinovsky – is an offence. Without excessive demagogy aware of this fact as Mr. Zhirinovsky, and you, my friends” – she wrote in microblogging.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, Ivan Okhlobystin has publicly stated that Zakirova “suffers from addiction to alcohol”.

The words Okhlobystin became known the most Nargiz her by surprise.

The singer posted on instagram a dramatic post where he called the actor “Mr. hypocrite” and suggested that he acted not just as feeding someone who held her anger.

Publish from NARGIZ (@nargizzakirova_official) 13 2020 Aug 3:18 PDT