Kristina Asmus after her husband Garik Kharlamov has denied the statement of a leading Youtube show Comment Out of Vladimir Marconi that their divorce was a hoax in the framework of participation in the show.

“In the show Comment Out we did not participate,” wrote Asmus in Instagram.

The actress also said that Anatoly Kucherena does not represent its interests, and comments in the media, allegedly belonging to the lawyer are fake.


Publish from the Kristina Craig (@asmuskristina) 25 2020 Jun 9:41 PDT

According to Asmus, the initiator of the divorce was her, and the thought of parting appeared “long before the writing of the novel Text.

“still, the relationship takes work for both. Interview I do not give. Anyone. And especially never give for the money. Can you stop, please, call? Phone runs out of power,” added the actress.

As reported by “the Rambler”, on Monday, the wife of Garik Kharlamov and Christine Asmus simultaneously announced in their social networks that after eight years of relationship they decided to divorce. Longtime fans of the pair suspected that the message about the divorce could be taking part in the show Comment Out. The show’s host, Vladimir Marconi confirmed the participation of the couples in the show, and Garik Kharlamov denied his words, accusing the PR on someone else’s divorce.