a Numerous cyclones and atmospheric fronts will cause the weather in Moscow to change in the next few days with impressive speed. The week ahead will have time to please the sun and upset the heavy rains, but temperatures will hold fast under normal.

Over the next week the cyclones and atmospheric fronts will defeat the capital. Under their pressure, the weather will change from summer to autumn and back with a noticeable periodicity, warn forecasters of the center weather “Phobos”.

Friday, may 8 in Moscow is a little colder — in some areas the rains, and the thermometer will return to normal for mid-may values. In the afternoon the air warms up to +14…+16°C, but at night the temperature drops to +5…+7°C.

On may 8 among the countries-members of the United Nations is considered a Day of remembrance of the victims of the Second world war and reconciliation. The United Nations invites you to celebrate this day along with the individual Days of Victory, the dates of which vary from country to country. In order to join the international community and gear up for the upcoming holiday, you can arrange a viewing of the film about the war. Over 75 years of paintings about one of the most terrible events in the history of the country had to remove quite a lot, the list can be found here. We recommend you to watch one of the most unusual pictures of the war — film “World incoming” in 1961, in which one of the first roles played by Aleksandr Demyanenko.

The film tells about the last day of the war — how a graduate of the military school gets a task to deliver at the military hospital wounded Soviet soldier and a pregnant German woman, and in the process his whole world, and we, too, will turn.

At the gala Saturday, may 9, clouds over the capital traditionally will not. However, heat is not going to bring: the temperature of the window drops even slightly below normal and will reach +13°C.

The night will not be cold — +4…+9°C – but that’s no reason to courageously go to view the festive fireworks in public places. Better watch him out of the house – still on the TV show beautiful.

May 9 — Victory Day of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany in the great Patriotic war. This year has been one of the most revered in Russia. A tradition in recent years was the holding of the may 9 Patriotic action “Immortal regiment”, during which participants run a convoy through the streets with photos of their relatives, the memory of the heroism of which should continue to live. In 2020 it will be held online — to leave s��turnout for participation here.

Sunday, may 10, the inflow of cool stops and the weather in the capital will return to the climate norm: +14…+16°C day and +5…+7°C at night. Places will pass short-term rains that have become commonplace over the past few weeks.

On may 10, more than a hundred years in many countries celebrated mother’s Day. In 1907 the initiative to make this day a holiday was made by a young American Anna Jarvis, who wanted a way to honor the memory of his deceased mother. Her efforts were crowned with success in 1914, this holiday received official status in the United States, and later spread almost all over the world.

At the beginning of a new week in the capital will rush South-westerly winds which will bring a new season on Monday, may 11, the weather will stand truly summer. In the afternoon thermometers will smile on us a mark of +22°C, outside the window the sun will Shine and nothing finally will Herald the rains. Night clouds will cover the sky that will allow you to remain warm weather even in the absence of the sun – the street will be +12…+14°C.

May 11 in America celebrated a real feast of the abdomen — national day when you can eat what you want (Eat What You Want Day). On this day, residents of the United States collectively abandon diets. Could do something similar for the Russians, who for the isolation hard starved yourself with diets, to not show up at work a couple of sizes bigger than in March.

Treat yourself to a delicious meal on a warm summer day, residents of Moscow can be configured to return to the harsh reality. Tuesday, may 12, in the capital region will come atmospheric front, which will significantly lower the thermometer again and flood the city with rain. The day temperature — +9…+14°C, at night +1…+6°C.

May 12, Russia celebrates the Day of environmental education, established in 1991. This day is usually undergo an environmental cleanup nature, however in 2020, you can celebrate the holiday differently – for example, devoting the evening to studying the ecological situation in the region. May your soul Wake up true ecoactivist.

Wednesday, may 13, the influence of atmospheric front on the weather in the capital will weaken, however, the heat still will not come back. The temperature is still so low in the afternoon +8…+13°C, at night +3…+8°C. But weather forecasters promise that the day will pass without rain. Agree, though small, but joy.

13 may — international Day of the hummus. This holiday has appeared recently – in 2012, it was invented by a boy from Israel named Ben, who decided at a certain day of the year to unite the fans of this middle Eastern dish of chickpeas worldwide.

Now a Day hummus is celebrated in Australia, England, USA, Lebanon and other countries of the world. If you are not familiar with this wonderful pea pasta, highly recommend to try – �� as classes in the evenings, even to attend her own cooking — though the chickpeas should be soaked the day before.

Thursday, may 14, another anticyclone is attacking Moscow. Under his influence a bit equalized the temperature is almost normal again, and not rain. The thermometers will show +12…+14°C during the day and +3…+8°C at night.

May 14, Russia celebrates the Day of the freelancer — a person who is not a member state of a company and independently builds its own timetable. Day this day began in 2005 when there was established one of the first Russian exchanges freelancers. She initiated the annual measures, which account for all voluntary experts, meet each other and share valuable contacts.

Friday, may 15, wave anticyclone is coming from the West, but significant changes, it does not bring. Except that the rains will return again and will be sad to knock out the window all day. The day temperature +9…+14°C, night 4…+9°C.

May 15 UN international day of families. The organizers aim to raise awareness about the problems faced by families around the world. And we suggest to invite all the family members on the evening of Board games or watching a movie. Let this day be an occasion to admit of strong family feelings and to thank each other for the stoic combines the experience of isolation.