Recover from coronavirus infection Muscovites will be able to become a social volunteer and help those who are treated from COVID-19 at home. This was stated by the Deputy Mayor of Moscow on issues of social development Anastasia Rakova.

To become social volunteers need to center “My career” — he oversees a volunteer service that helps Muscovites in isolation. Head of call center donation plasma Ekaterina Kuznetsova told that they call those who coped with the disease, and cherish every these people consent to the donation of plasma and volunteerism.

“These volunteers after the training, will be connected at the final stage of delivery by social workers and volunteers, medicines, food and goods of Prime necessity — from the entrance to the apartment, and to help sick owners walking Pets”, she said.

the Interaction between social workers, survivors, volunteers and recipients of social services will certainly be done precisely according to instructions, observing all safety measures.

Volunteers are all sorts of people. For example, the artist Vladlena was one of the first cases — contracted the coronavirus in France. Another volunteer — Valentine. She, along with her three children has been sick at home and understands how hard it is. Anna — athlete who loves to ski. She got sick in early March, was treated in hospital from double pneumonia of moderate severity. Anna believes that people should always help each other in difficult times.

Donor plasma antibodies to COVID-19 free taxi ride to the blood drive

Ill COVOD-19 can also become donors of blood plasma. Doctors say that patients who are transfused plasma, quicker. Donors put the payment in the amount of five thousand rubles. For once you can take up to 600 milliliters of plasma. To become a donor you need to call the hotline number:.

hotline for plasma donors, began working on 17 April 2020. The operators make daily proactive calls recovered residents and accept incoming calls from willing donors. From April 17 to may 7 was processed 9900 calls. Of these, more than five thousand calls to residents who had coronavirus infection. In the result of proactive work of the operators and inform people, donors plasma would be 869 people, of which signed up for the procedure 397, and donated blood 165 people.