“it is Unlikely that there will be a second wave of the same magnitude as was the first. We have acquired a certain immunity, created a system of treatment, prevention. Therefore, the repetition of the scenario in full is unlikely,” he said. The Minister did not rule out the possibility of a new growth of cases, noting that the situation depends on the behavior of the so-called “COVID-dessidentov”.

Murashko also recommended to continue to use means of individual protection, noting that everything depends on the situation. So, if there is no large number of people, you can do without a mask, for example, in the country, to his words.

“But if we’re talking about enclosed spaces, driving on city streets here wearing the mask is justified. Plus you need to take into account that it is an infection transmitted by airborne droplets, and the mask is a barrier, it inhibits the virus. There are rules for changing the masks after a couple of hours, you need to abide by these rules,” – said the Minister.

the Minister stressed that the return to normal Russians will be able not earlier than February, meaning that by this time, you can resume the trips to the theatres, flights, full-fledged work and recreation. “In my opinion, it is unlikely that it will happen before February. Must be broken the transmission chain,” concluded ant.