Therefore, the strategic rate for entrepreneurs, if the company intends to grow quantitatively and qualitatively, should be exported.

Seven years ago, told “RG” in the Business school “SKOLKOVO”, it became clear to the business to be global, he doesn’t have to be large. Small companies built their strategies on multiple markets, as in the simultaneous game on several chessboards. To the current year, the average percent of non-oil exporters in total exports of developed and developing countries was up from 20 percent to 50 percent. In particular, in Russia the share of non-oil non-energy goods grew by 2.2 per cent and exceeded 36.5 per cent in total exports. Along with the digitalization of export operations to become growth points and “anthropoi” for many companies. And it was not until the spring of this year. But the coronavirus has violated all the plans and working rhythms.

How likely is a rapid economic recovery as the pandemic began to decline?

“I would not deceive ourselves on this account, – said the chief economist of consulting company “pension Fund “Kapital” Evgenie Nadorshin. The first wave of the pandemic is not yet over, so that the recovery of the market, we’re now seeing a temporary. In addition, coronavirus today is not the only obstacle to the growth of world and Russian economy”.

Now the policy of most countries of the world focused not on development, the expert added, they solve completely different problems. In Europe, brickset and refugees, Latin America is also awash with refugees from Venezuela, the middle East and Africa are mired in armed conflict, the U.S. reconsider its foreign policy, etc. In purely economic terms, too, not everything went smoothly. According to statistics from WTO, the total number of restrictive measures in foreign trade since 2009 rose by more than 40 percent. Only trade among the G20 countries, over the last 10 years was used more than 5 thousand different restrictive measures. Trade disputes between key States of the world have kept economic growth in 2019, and here particularly distinguished the United States and China. In General, reported “RG” Evgeny Nadorshin, “the coronavirus fell on well-prepared soil. The growth of world GDP in 2019 was the lowest in the last 10 years, and would have continued to slow down and without “help” of a pandemic, like the world trade, also showed the worst result in the second decade.”

In Russia, is likely to happen economic decline by 4-5 percent this year, with a subsequent rise 3 percent in 2021-th. That is why much hope for domestic demand place is not worth it, I’m sure Nadorshin. But anyone who wants to enter the foreign market, today will face the highest challenges in comparison with those that existed even five years ago. However, as��was cinterval expert, we have no other choice: the company or difficulty, but increases, or without them, but made no progress.

to get to the external market if there is not a set path, it is possible in three ways: by yourself (long and hard), through partners, embedding in the value chain (difficult, too, but it at least guarantees the demand), and through the trading platform. The latter method is more suitable for B2C, but in a modern spirit of digitization. According to the CEO of eBay Russia, Eastern Europe and Africa Ilya Kretova on the marketplace since mid-March, i.e. since the beginning of the pandemic, there were 10 thousand new sellers. And, despite the slowdown in global trade online-the export is growing annually by 20-30 percent. Products of high demand now – personal protective equipment, sports equipment, auto parts, beach things, dimensionless fashion (belts, handbags, watches), etc.

the Pandemic has increased the demand for tile: its a good take and take not only private owners for repair, but also medium-sized companies for repair and construction of health facilities. Among online sellers of many Russian firms who predict segments of demand. During the pandemic there were even export startups. Thus, the capital the company has signed a contract for the supply of filters for water purification from chlorine to Australia, the company from Samara – on the sale of ice cream in China.

According to the CEO of the company PAL Boris Neumann, on the electronic sites of major export interest is shown by companies from the border regions. Apparently, desire for international trade, they have laid down at the level of mentality. And gave an example: about composite materials, Volgograd, and Izhevsk no one never heard of, and similar articles of Kaliningrad region izvestnym hundred countries of the world and selling like hotcakes. In the result, the Baltic business is booming, and the other two languish. “We must not forget that the international market raises the cost of goods,” – said the expert.

Enterprises of the Smolensk region will receive state support when entering foreign markets. This was stated by the head of Minpromtorg Denis Manturov, visited recently, several dynamically developing companies in the region. Among them – the company “VKP LT”, which won the tender covering of the seats of the aircraft for a major domestic airline, a factory for making underwear, and beachwear “Roztekh”, Zavod “EGGER Drevprodukt Gagarin”, the company flax cluster.

“at the expense of resources of the Russian export centre they can provide additional support when entering foreign markets. Many of these factories have significant export potential, which contributes, in particular, advantageous geographical position of the region, which is in directtively close to the main markets – the EU and the CIS. That is, they can save considerably on logistics,” the Minister said. In turn, Governor Alexey Ostrovskiy said that the gross regional product by more than 20 percent of the forms industry. And Federal support will provide impetus to this sector of the economy to further development.