TOKYO (AP), — Manfred Thierry Mugler was a French fashion designer whose striking designs were worn by stars like Madonna and Lady Gaga. He was 73 years old.


His official Instagram account stated that he died Sunday. It wrote, “May his soul Rest in Peace,” in all-black text without any image. It didn’t give any cause of death.

Mugler was a 1973 brand founder. His architectural style is defined by wide shoulders and a small waist. His futuristic, plastic-like fabric was a hallmark of his clothing.

He was the master of haute couture, and he dressed Diana Ross and Beyonce on galas, red carpets, and runways.

His designs were bold and outlandish. They sometimes resembled robotic suits with protruding cone-shaped cones. Mugler had a very popular perfume line that he launched in the 1990s.

Fashion was filled with a flood of compassion. American model Bella Hadid said “Nonononono”, followed by an image showing a sad face. American actress January Jones replied with a heartmark, via their official Instagram accounts.

Mugler was not only a fashion designer, but also made films and photographs. He was also a dancer and acrobat, as well as an avid body-builder.

Interview Magazine: Mugler said that she felt like a director and that the clothes she wore were a direction for the everyday.

His funeral arrangements questions were not answered immediately.