From 1 January 2021 Moscow regional branch of Fund of social insurance of the Russian Federation will join the project “Direct payments”. Simplified system of payment of benefits for temporary disability, maternity, child care and other social charges is available in 77 regions of the country. The project replaced the previously existing credit system in the beginning of next year he should be up and running throughout the country, including in Moscow. In the end, in the FSS insured citizens will be able to obtain all required payments directly from the Fund and not through the employer, as it was before. We found the advantage of this system for Muscovites.

All formally employed citizens of our country are clients of the social insurance Fund. Through FSS, we get most of benefits: temporary disability (including in connection with accident on manufacture and (or) occupational disease); pregnancy and childbirth; lump-sum benefit to women who have registered in medical institutions in early terms of pregnancy; lump-sum benefit at child birth; monthly allowances for child care; payment of additional leave (beyond the paid annual leave) the insured person injured in the workplace.

Until 2011, benefits from the FSS was paid on the so-called scoring system. The employer transferred the employee the money from its own funds, and then in the order of netting has reduced the amount of deductions in FSS on the amount of the benefit. Due to financial problems some employers like the procedure sometimes caused delays in payments. To solve this problem the Fund of social insurance 9 years ago launched a pilot project “Direct payments”. On 1 July 2020, the new system was already available in 77 subjects of the Russian Federation. In six months, from 1 January 2021 at the finish line will be released and the Moscow regional branch of the FSS, closing on a pilot project of the Foundation. On the account in the Moscow branch consists of more than 700 thousand policyholders. Many of them have already tried this financial mechanism, when providing registers of information for payment of sick leave during the quarantine in a pandemic. And early next year on the principle of direct payments will be getting all other benefits.

the New system is very convenient and employers and employees. The first will not have to withdraw funds for the payment of allowances out of circulation. In addition, the project “Direct payments” greatly simplifies the reporting system for enterprises. In turn, the employee will no longer need to worry about whether he will get the appropriate amount on time. For example, due to the closure of companies during the period of isolation many of Moscow employers enemyUlis with the lack of available funds. When the scoring system workers would have to wait until the company will have money on benefits. With “Direct payments” of the delays can not be. Money for treatment or assistance to care for the baby will come in due time from the Social insurance Fund of the Russian Federation, regardless of the solvency of the employer.

No additional action from the employee when making allowances for the new system is not required. As before, it is sufficient to submit to the employer documents proving the right to receive payments, for example, medical certificate or birth certificate of the child. In addition, a special application must specify details on which you prefer to receive the money map (“World”, Bank account or postal order). Within 5 calendar days, the employer must transmit employee information to the territorial office of the FSS, where the insured person directly and received the required funds.

the Moscow regional branch of Fund of social insurance of the Russian Federation has developed for its policyholders for detailed instructions on working with the new system. They can be found on the website: in the section “Direct payments”.

see also After October 1, social benefits will be credited only to the card “the WORLD”