by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation from 25.06.20 No. 920 a transitional period during which benefits can be transferred to cards of other payment systems, has been extended until 1 October. That is, payments can continue to be transferred to the old account until the reissuance of the card, but not later than October 1, 2020. After this date, the benefits shall be calculated solely based on the card “the World”.

In the FSS explained what types of benefits will be transferred to the map of the national payment system. The allowance for pregnancy and childbirth (maternity), monthly allowance for child care until the age of 1.5 years, and the allowance for temporary work incapacity, but only in respect of citizens exposed to radiation in the course of technological accidents: after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident in 1957 at the production Association “Mayak” and fees radioactive waste into the Techa river, and also owing to nuclear tests on Semipalatinsk polygon.

Cards of the national payment system” today produce and maintain the majority of the Russian banks where to go to get a card. The legislation of the Russian Federation and offers the alternative of receiving social securities: Bank account, which is not bound by any one Bank card, or postal order. Payment of benefits the employer can also cash them at the cashier of the organization. This option is suitable for regions in which no effect of the pilot project “Direct payments”.

To receive social benefits in the pilot project “Direct payments” on the map “the World” it is not necessary to fill in the Bank details including the rooms BIC, correspondent Bank accounts, and other data. Making allowances is reduced to a few simple steps.

When submitting the application to the employer for benefits it specifies the card number of the national payment system (the card “the World”). The employer will give necessary information to the territorial authority FSS. Transfer of funds happens very quickly – the money on your account will be a maximum of 30 minutes after the listed FSS.

the Foundation called the case of temporary disablement and maternity benefits and maternity leave you can get on cards of international payment systems. If the recipient did not receive your Bank card “the World”, and pregnancy and childbirth, or temporary disability (citizens, exposed to radiation) occurred once in two years, to obtain payments you can use a card other payment systems.

For a monthly grant on care of the child before achievement of age of 1,5 years money also allowed to to cards of international payment systems, if payments began before may 1, 2019 (under the same leave to care for a child).

When writing statements is not scared to make a mistake in the room: when you build a security system for the cards “the World” used the best practices of information security of data. In “sewn” checking for correct number of cards. Thus, benefits are not listed on the card, if the recipient of the statement made a mistake when specifying the number, or expired card expiry date.

Most of gossiped already go through the national payment system “World” (pensions, scholarships, salaries of civil servants, state employees). The scope of the mandatory application of the map will only expand, so the state can protect gosvyplat.

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