In the interior of the Main Temple of the Russian Armed forces will not be mosaic with the image of President Putin, defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, chief of General staff Gerasimov and other contemporary political and military figures. This was said by Alexander Kanshin, head of the Charity Fund “Resurrection”, which collects funds for the construction of the temple.

Earlier, several media outlets published pictures of this panel with recognizable faces of politicians and generals. After that, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov told reporters that Putin was informed about his image on the mosaic that GDP smiled and commented, “ever grateful descendants will appreciate our merits, but now it is too early to make”.

According to Alexander Kanshina, who also learned about the story of a mosaic from the media, he humanly understand those people who conceived the idea of panels in the design of the temple.

– It was sincere. Thus they wanted to pay tribute to those who have done the most for the erection of a majestic Temple of Victory – said Kenshin. Without them it would have been impossible to build in such a short time a huge temple. Here they wanted to thank such an unusual way. To the memory of them remained for a long time, for centuries.

As Director of the Foundation, can say frankly that we have collected for the construction of the temple such a big amount – more than six billion only thanks to the energy and authority of Sergei Shoigu.

what was the reaction of Putin and Shoigu, when will they learn?

– You know, maybe deep down they were pleased. They are the same people. But as politicians of high rank, they knew it was a bad idea. That is not modest.

what now? The mosaic will be removed?

– has been removed. Those who are responsible for the design, the interior of the Church, could not listen to the opinion of the President, the defense Minister.