a Painful divorce Lolita young husband Dmitry Ivanov continues to acquire new details. Today it became known officially, the marriage of the singer and the athlete terminated. However, Dmitry does not calm down, regularly submitting a request to the interior Ministry to ex – spouse.

Last summer, Lo and Dmitry Ivanov broke up. For the singer’s divorce and the subsequent scandals surrounding their couples have brought even more popularity. Palladium frankly admitted: the happy marriage was a fiction, in fact, Ivanov was an ordinary gigolo, who not only lived at her expense, but was regularly changed. A few trial broadcasts on a talk show, for which he has received a lot of money. Today it became known: marriage Milavskaya and Ivanov terminated. But savvy coach squash decided to invent new methods of revenge ex-wife.

the singer’s Lawyer Sergei Zhorin told “MK” that Ivanov is doing after the divorce.

“Today the court officially annulled the marriage. And Dima immediately ran to submit lo a statement to the police! – said the Zhorin. – Experiencing!”

But what?

Reasons why he doesn’t need. It would wish. This is not his first statement. He was upset that Lolita is happy and she is doing well.

As reported by our colleagues, Ivanov accused her of slandering him?

– Absolutely.

earlier, the Zhorin has informed us that after a breakup Lolita learned about “dirty” things that hunted ex-husband.

“These details have become known for lolita after the termination of marriage. New grounds has allowed us to make a joint decision about the filing of the counterclaim in which we ask to recognize the marriage is a sham,” said Zhorin.

the Lolita remembered one of the episodes of her life with Dmitry. According to her, ex-husband bought for her special dietary Supplements, supposedly to improve health, which Ivanov brought from USA. They, as a celebrated singer, brought her to a state of severe depression and panic attacks, also thanks to the “pill”, the artist has dramatically recovered. After the Palladium quit taking dietary Supplements, lost weight dramatically. Today, the artist seems happy on the isolation and, according to rumors, met a new love.