Rapper Morgenstern in storis Instagram boasted of his earnings over the half an hour of work.

“Time is money”, – has signed a video.

The footage can be seen as a musician first demonstrates to the users of your expensive watches, rings and chains. After that he pulls out from her purse five huge packs of five thousandth bills, which are rather carelessly throws it on the table.

“Hello, dear subscribers. I want to show how much my half-hour performance plus. I’m under plus were, of course,” Morgenstern.

Note that the so-called performance of “under-plus” is when a musician performs alone verse, and the chorus is playback through overlay of computer elements.

On the performance of the singer in the restaurant came to see more than a hundred people, the presence of medical masks, no one thought.

Rapper Morgenstern today is of the most hyped artists in the country. The singer is only 22 years old. Real name Morgenstern – Timur Valeev. He was born in Ufa, where he began to take the first steps to glory.