Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that the second wave of the incidence of coronavirus in Moscow is not expected. The mayor pointed out that the observed in many parts of the world the growth in the number of cases COVID-19 due to a more prolonged the first wave of the incidence of coronavirus. Meanwhile in Russia revealed 5427 new cases COVID-19. In total, the country is known about 850 870 patients with COVID-19, of which more than 650 thousand recovered.

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin drew attention to the situation in some States where there has been a new increase in the incidence and discussing the probability of the “second wave” COVID-19.

The mayor in Moscow about the possibility of such a development of the question.

“the Second wave is when people second time are subject to the risk of being infected. Neither we, nowhere in the world there is little of this. Why in some regions we are seeing rapid growth? Because they have not passed even the first wave of the first process,” — said Sobyanin the TV channel “Russia 1”.

As the mayor noted, cities such as London, new York, Paris and Moscow have passed the stage of the epidemic, when the day fixed 6.5 thousand new patients with COVID-19.

We will add that earlier the mayor spoke about the formation of the Muscovites herd immunity, which will allow the city to continue the weakening of restrictive measures. So, in mid-July, the mayor estimated the level of immunity of Muscovites to the coronavirus in 60%.

Earlier in the Ministry of health also expressed the view, according to which in the fall is expected to increase the number of patients with seasonal acute respiratory diseases, but on the prospects of a sharp increase in the number of patients with coronavirus of the question.

the morbidity data

According to the operational headquarters, over the past day in 85 regions of Russia recorded 5427 new cases of coronavirus infection. Operational staff reported that 28.8% of new patients with COVID-19 there were no clinical manifestations of the disease.

In preceding 24 hours in Russia revealed 5462 new case the day before — 5482. In total, the country has been identified 850 870 cases COVID-19. Of them remain active 186 549 cases.

Since the beginning of the epidemic in Russia recorded 14 128 deaths (1.66 percent) of complications, which developed on the background of coronavirus infection and associated diseases. For the past day died 70 people.

While Russia recovered 650 173 (76,41%) people, including 3649 over the last day.

According to Rospotrebnadzor, in Russia held more than 28.7 million laboratory tests for the presence of the novel coronavirus. During the day, this figure rose to 315 thousand Under medical supervision due to the spread of COVID-19 is 252 845.

Most new cases of coronavirus remains fixed in Moscow, but it shows a positive trend in decreasing zzabolevaemosti. For the last day in the capital identified 664 new cases COVID-19, in the preceding days — 695 and 690.

the Protracted pandemic

Meanwhile, the world health organization (who) the day before suggested that the epidemic of the coronavirus to last long. The organization released a detailed statement on the prospects of the struggle with COVID-19.

Published on the who website message, the Committee of emergency situations in connection with COVID-19 expressed "appreciation to who and partners for their efforts in the fight against the pandemic COVID-19" and stressed "its expected protracted nature, noting the importance of continuing preventive measures at the local, national, regional and global levels."

At the end of the discussion, the Committee concluded that "the outbreak continues to constitute an emergency of public health of international importance".

Along with this, the Committee made a number of recommendations for who and member countries of the organization. They, in particular, deals with the continuation of joint efforts to ensure preparedness and response to outbreaks COVID-19, and on support in terms of health services and the provision of access to diagnostics, medicines and vaccines as they become available.

Note that shortly before the publication of the statement in the who pointed to a new record for the number of cases COVID-19 in the world in 24 hours. According to the statistics on a special website, the summary for July 31 in the world was identified 292 527 cases of coronavirus.

According to who, on 1 August, the growth declined slightly and reached 289 321 new cases. As noted in the organization, in the world know about 17 396 943 cases of coronavirus, most of which are located in North and South America.