Mishustin told about the consequences of a pandemic coronavirus budget

We will seriously lose out on the revenue – oil and gas, non-oil and gas this year due to the coronavirus, he warned. It will be a very serious blow to the budget.

Mishustin called VAT more equitable than sales tax

He added that the Cabinet of Ministers monitors the situation on a daily basis.

– Respond immediately to developing additional solutions to support the economy, – said the Prime Minister.

Mishustin criticized the regions for any inaccuracies in the reports coronavirus

Mishustin has reminded the deputies about the measures to support business, adding that the list will have to be updated. According to him, the government is already collecting proposals about new measures, including from the parties.

– We need to objectively plan to solve the task of ensuring all budgets – regional, local and Federal, and to help business, – said the head of the Cabinet.