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The loss of citizens due to the early more often than once in five years of transfer of pension savings from the Fund to the Fund was reduced due to the new rules. The FIU has issued 3.7 million warnings about the loss of investment income
To go out for payment ZHKU in cash is not worth it. Moreover, many Bank branches, settlement centres and cash management companies now on the weekends
During a pandemic, and economic uncertainty intensified cynical hunters for profit. Taking advantage of the panic and isolation, crooks extorting people for money or steal personal data. In the Arsenal of criminals dozens of schemes: viral sites, the promise of compensation, intimidation, fines, fake certificate, the imposition procedures of disinfection and pamphlets on prevention. Our recommendations will help not to be deceived.
A few days ago, the Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail Mishustin signed an order that henceforth and forever the production of snails in Russia included in the list of agricultural activities. With all the ensuing consequences: grants, subsidies and other support measures of the manufacturer.This is not a whim of the new Prime Minister, and the present initiative from below. With such offer to Vladimir Putin at the end of last year on important agricultural meeting turned suburban farmer Sergey Balaev.
In the regions began to disinfect the entrances of apartment buildings. Because the law is not provided, questions arise, for example, at whose expense all this to do. The correspondent "RG" was apprised of the situation
Russia and Saudi Arabia agreed to a serious reduction of oil production, reports Reuters, citing a source in OPEC. Countries have managed to settle many issues, in the end the parties came to an agreement on production cuts.
On Saturday in the United States began to translate the accounts of citizens first lump-sum payment provided by the law on economic stimulus measures in the struggle with the consequences of a pandemic of a new type of coronavirus.  
Increased demand for garlic in the country is associated with an overall idea of its antiviral properties. Russia supplied the garlic in the Ukraine. Experts suggest that this limitation will not significantly influence cost containment and the provision of market food
The first two months of the reduction of oil production will amount to ten million barrels per day
Allowances for children aged 3 to 7 years in low-income families will be raised in Moscow. This was reported in his blog the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. He said that this is not a temporary measure, and constant. The amount of the payments will be 7613 rubles a month per each child
Permitted by law on maternity capital, the purposes for which it can be directed, not satisfied with nearly half of young families. In this case, every third mother would like to receive the amount receivable in cash. To such conclusions experts gave the results of the survey of parents
With a very serious punch compared the effects of a pandemic coronavirus Russia's Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. "We need to objectively plan to solve the task of ensuring all budgets - regional, local and Federal," said he
Vladimir Putin suggested that in the next three months in addition to pay three thousand rubles per month for each minor child to those parents who become unemployed. About the initiative of the head of state said at a meeting with heads of regions
Citizens with income below the subsistence minimum in the period of the pandemic, offer monthly payments from the Federal budget. About training initiatives on this subject said the head of the Duma faction "Fair Russia" Sergey Mironov
Additional child allowance in the amount of 5 thousand rubles parents can obtain, by submitting an application on the portal or in the personal Cabinet on the website of the FIU. It will be paid within three months from April to June
The government will support reoperation on municipal solid waste management in connection with increasing of volumes of exported waste. The money is to be allocated to the regions, said the office of the Vice-Premier of Victoria Abramchenko
The President signed a decree on additional measures of social support of families with children. In the period from April to June, families in which there are children till three years, will receive five thousand rubles a month, and every kid
Declared nonworking days of the enterprise needs to retain the employees average salary, all social and labor guarantees, to eliminate unjustified dismissal. But not all employers faithfully follow the letter of the law
The Prosecutor General's office has sent to the FAS order to deal with the inflated prices of lemons, ginger and garlic. After that, if necessary, will be taken prosecutorial response, up to attraction guilty to responsibility for violation of Antimonopoly legislation
The government approved a list of sectors of the Russian economy most affected by the spread of a new coronavirus infection. Read more on the website
The online delivery of products and goods at home is becoming more popular among Russians, many of whom are increasingly refuse from the usual shopping. Fast, convenient and most importantly - no need to carry heavy shopping bags
Safe conditions for living in an apartment house should provide control of the organization. Their duties include the carrying out of works for disinfection of the common property for the destruction of infectious agents
Some of the entrances appeared which stated that in the outbreak of viral infections in the next 10 days in an apartment will be sanitized. Whether to believe this information?
Even in the current difficult situation, all the life support systems of Moscow continue to function as a clock. About how during high alert, the city has retained a high level of comfort, "RG" said Deputy mayor for housing Pyotr Biryukov
In the Duma Committee on housing policy and housing and communal services told, for whose account disinfected entrances in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection, and for any scenario of housing and communal services can become more expensive
Changed the order of registration and renewal of subsidies for payment for housing and communal services. To them will be easier - changing the list of required documents. Those who receive payments now, they will be extended automatically
The introduction of the regime of self-isolation leads to a reduction of water consumption overall, but to increase water bills from the public. Water consumption by citizens has started to rise due to the relocation of residents on the remote work, as well as more frequent hand washing
The Ministry has developed a list of measures to support housing and communal services. The proposed moratorium on off utilities in case of non-payment, and cancellation penalties for late payment of utility services
In March, on the background of the pandemic in retail dramatically increased sales of seeds and products for truckers. The most popular are traditional vegetables. Buy seeds now possible only in some grocery stores or online
The pension Fund made it easier for citizens renewal payments, which must be periodically to document. It is primarily on pensions and monthly payments from the parent capital
From April 1 indexed size of social pensions and pensions for fixed income. As reported by the Pension Fund of Russia, the increase affects 3.8 million retirees, including the 3.2 million recipients of social pensions
State authorities will no longer ask citizens documents on employment experience and seniority. All officials will be able to find the electronic databases. These measures will facilitate the design of pensions and the receipt of public services
Sergei Sobyanin has decided to cancel the contributions for the repair of Muscovites from April 1 to June 30. In addition, betting offices, totalizators and betting shops, according to the decree of the mayor should suspend work until further notice
Laws that are coming into force in April, mainly have a social orientation. This applies to cash transfers, suspense, netcapital registration and CTP. One of the documents associated with COVID-19
Tax authorities are beginning to provide data on incomes in the regional bodies of social protection of the population. This will allow the Russians to receive benefits and payments without adding complexity. The relevant document publishes "RG"
Families with children are entitled to maternity capital, will pay 5 thousand rubles for each child up to three years from 1 April. And get them will be within three months. This is stated in the instructions of the President
In Moscow on the morning of Saturday was General cleaning of streets, the first after winter. And then in the afternoon the roads treated with disinfectants, and the procedure for the first time will be held in the city's history
FIU early funded pensions and benefits for April, including payment to veterans on the 75th anniversary of the Victory. Funds to provide payments during the period 30 March to 8 April have already been sent a delivery of the organizations
From March 30 reception in the client services and offices of the FIU will be conducted by appointment only and only for those services that are impossible to obtain remotely. Such measures are introduced to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19
Russia has proposed to establish a special regime for the sale of alcohol in connection with the spread of the coronavirus, namely, to limit one bottle a one-time purchase of alcohol stronger 9%. To impose the proposed limitation on the period up to may 1 of this year
Vladimir Putin signed the law simplifies the procedure for obtaining measures of social protection for low-income families with children. According to the document, bodies of social protection receive from FNS data on incomes with assistance
Monthly payments for children from 3 to 7 years for families with per capita income below the regional subsistence minimum will be allocated more than 136 billion rubles. This was reported by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin
Russian President Vladimir Putin announced measures to support families in the spread of the coronavirus. In the next three months, according to his proposal, all families have the right to the matkapital, will pay on 5 thousand roubles on the child
In the state Duma introduced a bill changing the procedure for calculation of fees for municipal services according to the standards. It is proposed to calculate the standards are not calculation method, and the method of analogues
Russian air carriers have reduced prices on domestic routes. Thus companies are trying to attract passengers and to somehow compensate for the loss of overseas destinations
Reduction of expenses of the Federal budget in 2020 is not planned, said the Ministry of Finance. The Ministry said that without such measures, Russia has the necessary resources to support the economy and social sphere
About nine million low-income families and single people will be able to improve their financial position by means of a social contract to 2024. This was told "RG" in the Ministry of labor. Thanks to cocontract half of the needy families will be able to break out of poverty
The Ministry of labor encouraged the regions to renew the previously assigned payment of benefits without providing citizens the additional documents. This measure will apply at the time of the spread of coronavirus
The consequences of the outbreak of coronavirus will trigger a recession in Europe, but in the second half of the region's economy should return to growth, said the Vice-President of the European Central Bank's Luis de Guindos.
Experts - analysts of the markets of meat, milk, fish, vegetables and grains - has told, how will change the prices in the near future. And what is the factor influence the situation of the pandemic coronavirus

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