“the Ship goes under the water with the singing of the sirens. There was a kind of crap – whether a leak or a roll. On the deck of the wandering patrol, to the galley, there is no Shawarma. Meet – so the world looks like during the plague. Defiantly sings Alexei Kortnev, developing the theme, – We suffered so much that the nation is fragmented. Now it turned out that this saved her. Oh, don’t leave the room! Freedom is scarier than a prison. This paradox was the world in the time of cholera”. The fighting spirit, the tonality – major. “If you stocked a respirator?” – asks the frontman.

the Deliberate lightness of form and irony of the text is not knocked down, at the same time, with a serious subtext and philosophical ritorical in the finals: “We will become sterile as the angels, maybe devils as black. Let’s see what will choose peace in the time of cholera”. The joy, the intimacy and at the same time a substantial depth has always distinguished the work of popular team and a sense of musicians in the world. In our troubled everyday life of positive emotions, which sends in the space Alexey Kortnev and the company – that any doctor would have prescribed from ailments if not physical, then definitely mental. MK, just using remote means of communication, asked the artist some questions.

– Alexey, tell us how your creative well-being in troubled times?

– Good! I have a seething imagination, and my colleagues in the group and not only in the group come up with different contactless virtual projects. I find it very interesting because I never like not doing anything. I understand that we will emerge from this quarantine is quite interesting with Luggage that you will even publish it. Despite the low technical quality of what is obtained (here the technology is not yet so developed), emotional and mental content is a more than cute, so go ahead. I understand that we are now in a deep crisis, primarily economic, which still haunt us, but on the other hand, he will give us a lot to learn new technologies, new approaches to concert and Studio activities. Me dumb, but interesting.

– so you see it as a time for new opportunities?

– no matter How corny it sounds – Yes, that’s right! Now a huge number of new features. Curious to see how it shot and where it all will lead. Can the world be reformatted? I have no doubt that many areas of production and services, which are now moving into contactless, “inhuman” format to the “human” format is not coming back. Turns out that the use of robots is not fantastic, that walk and talk, and those that perform human functions (handing out food, answering the phone), – more profitable and more efficient. But rational people do not refuse. So perhaps we can expect a hard digital era. View. Pugalok a lot, but we do not fear them.

If to speak about the arts – music arty, you really create a new Internet industry?

I don’t know, I’m not an expert on the Internet. I am sure that we will learn to freely play music in the network – or rather, had already learned and knew how before. In fact, the concerts for the online conferences are not held for the first time. Similar experiments were before. Just now on this increased demand. Earlier, when the conductor managed the orchestra from another city, from another end of the world, it was perceived as a fad, specially organized hype to attract attention. Now it has become a real necessity, so I’m sure that will be fixed in practice. Clip we shot very quickly. Literally the day wrote the song, arranged it and recorded it the next day. We all sit at home with the tool in hand and a smartphone in front of his nose, so take the tool to fix your smartphone on a tripod and play in front of him – it’s easy and takes exactly the same time as the song lasts. Who works really hard throughout this chain is our sound engineer, and now the video-maker, part-time guitarist Dmitry Chuvelev that collects all together. We sent him the files recorded on houses, and it all connects in the computer in the picture that the viewer sees. That picture is already preparing for quite a long time.

you said that You are flowing with new ideas. Share what awaits fans next? What will be the next project, song?

I’m right now sitting in front of a computer and can read out a list of participants is our next song. You will probably be pleasantly surprised. So, in the project, which will be released in about three days, participants: Kamil Larin, Leonid Baratz, Konstantin Khabensky, Andrei Makarevich, Leva from Bi-2, Evgeny Margulis, Maxim Leonidov, Vladimir Tkachenko and Maxim Kucherenko (group “underwood”), Maxim Vitorgan, Tatyana Lazareva, Nonna Grishaeva and many other fine artists. About the song yet I will not tell, to keep the intrigue.

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