It was a great success without equal, as milliardærdatteren Marie-Chantal Miller was married to queen Margrethe’s nephew, the Danish-Greek ekskronprins Pavlos.

In an interview with B. T. tells the Greek ekskronprinsesse about what it was like to suddenly be a part of the royal family, just as she also talks about her new book on good manners and his views on queen Margrethe.

“I’m so blessed to have such amazing in-laws. They are a very close-knit and happy family who always got me to feel welcome no matter what,” says Marie-Chantal to B. T. about his parents-in-law, queen Margrethe’s younger sister, eksdronning Anne-Marie, as well as the Greek ekskong Constantine.

Marie-Chantal has just released the book ‘Manners Begin to Breakfast’ on how to teach children good manners. And it is in this context that the interview takes place.

It was in 1995, to Marie-Chantal Miller, who is the daughter of american billionaire Robert Miller, who in 1963 founded selling the work of Duty Free Shoppers, was royal.

It was at a large wedding in London, where, according to british media were so many royal guests, that it was the biggest royal turnout at a wedding since queen Elizabeth and prince Phillip married in 1947.

Marie-Chantal has previously told how she met queen Anne-Marie’s oldest son on a ‘blind date’.

One of her friends had previously had success with to introduce Marie-Chantals sister Pia for a man – rigmanden and heir Christopher Getty and his friend was sure that he now also had found the right man for Marie-Chantal.

A year it took his friend to persuade Marie-Chantal. And it turned out to be a good decision. For when she met ekskronprins Pavlos, it struck sparks.

“We clicked. It was love at first sight. I knew that he was the person I was to marry,” she told to Vanity Fair in 2008.

In the interview with B. T., which is conducted over the mail, she says that the svigerforældrene already took good care of her from the start.

“In the earlier days, right in the beginning when I was engaged to Pavlos, I asked them pleasantly about various things, which I did not know much about. They got me never to feel uncomfortable, when I asked – and it is, for me, perfect manners,” says ekskronprinsessen with reference to his book.

Since Marie-Chantal was married to ekskronprins Pavlos, have the couple had five children. The first two children, a daughter, princess Maria-Olympia, and son prince Constantine-Alexios, was born in, respectively, 1996 and 1998.

While she, in 2000, was pregnant with her third child, prince Achileas-Andreas, she founded her børnetøjskollektion ‘Marie-Chantal’, which is classic and luxurious children’s clothing. The clothes have since been sold all over the world, and Marie-Chantal has, among others, staked out a part of Asia.

She spent a part of his childhood in Hong Kong, where her father built his ‘Duty Free Shops’-empire up, and therefore, she had knowledge of you in Asia are making more out of nice children’s clothes than in, for example, the UNITED states, she has previously told to the New York Times.

for many years lived Marie-Chantal with her husband and children, primarily in London, where the Greek ekskongefamilie has been based, since the Greek monarchy was abolished in the 1970s.

some years ago moved ekskronprinsparret back to Marie-Chantals american hometown of New York to be closer to their oldest children, who had begun to read at the university in the american metropolis.

in addition to erhvervseventyret with børnetøjet is Marie-Chantal is also active in the business community as a board member In the Duty Free Shop Group, which her father still owns a nice share of the.

the Book ‘Manners Begin to Breakfast’ Marie-Chantal written, among other things, because she has been called to it by people on social media, where she is very active.

His own manners she has learned from home.

“When I was little, my father had rushed to build his business. But even if he was busy, he insisted anyway always on, that we sat together and ate breakfast,” she says.

“We were dressed in our school uniforms, and our parents expected that we were properly dressed, our hair was combed, and that our hands were washed before we sat at the table,” she says and tells that such was the expectations of all meals.

Even though it maybe for some may sound a bit like a strict upbringing, so remember Marie-Chantal, however, it is more like ‘nice borders and a lovely familietid’.

“My father was busy but he had time to sit and have a conversation and use what I will call the ‘happy time’, at the table. I have continued to pursue it through my own life,” she says.

The Greek ekskongefamilie have a close relationship to the Danish royal family, and therefore have Marie-Chantal on several occasions been in Denmark. Partly for official celebrations and banquets, and partly to julesammenkomster.

“I think that the danes have incredibly good manners, are happy and very friendly,” she says and adds that, in fact, is what it’s all about.

Marie-Chantal has also repeatedly meet queen Margrethe, as she has great respect for:

“Her majesty queen Margrethe of denmark is an incredible woman who has many talents. She is so artistic and well-read, and it is what I most like about her,” she writes and adds:

“I’m the middle of three sisters, so I love the dynamics between the Queen and her sisters.”

Marie-Chantal does not respond to the question about whether she and her family were invited to the Queen’s birthday, which has now been cancelled due to coronakrisen.

She would, however, like to give its verdict in relation to, what she think about the royal events has been affected by the situation:

“This virus does not discriminate, and we are all potential victims. We must remember that we all must stand together in this,” she writes.