For anyone mundbind and masks are a vital necessity in coronaepidemien. For other makes it is a minimal difference.

There are those who perceive it as an expression of security, and those who see it as hysteria.

B. T. s photographer Bax Lindhardt has met five danes, which all use different protective masks in daily life due to the epidemic.

All of the various reasons.


It can be a heavy task, when you as a funeral director go out and retrieve the dead. Was the person infected with coronavirus, it requires more of the 42-year-old Rikke Frost, when she needs to take care of the body.

There is still a risk of being infected, even though he no longer lives.

Every time she picks died in nursing homes and hospitals she uses now double rubber gloves and mundbind.

She is going to have to take care of themselves, because her son is nyrepatient, and that’s why she’s afraid to be infected.

she Should handle the body of a person who had the coronavirus, it will be packed in a special body bag, while she has a protective suit and glasses on. Although the death toll of corona virus is still rising in Denmark, hope she doesn’t, she has to bury any of them.

“I know several of my competitors have purchased additional casks and urns, but there I am, for jysk and take it easy,” she says


For 45-year-old Lisbeth Bergstrøm, there is akutsygeplejerske at Holbæk Hospital, is in touch with coronapatienter inevitable. It has become a regular part of her work, and with it comes a greater risk.

because Of the cuddling she is no longer the six sammenbragte children, as she has with her boyfriend.

At the hospital, she has always the full equipment on, when she, for example, to adjust the respiratorslangen of patients who are hospitalized with coronavirus. In spite of protective equipment sits the fear to end in the patients ‘ place in her.

“I’m afraid to be infected and I am terrified to get in the respirator.”


When the 30-year-old Henriette Hansen go to work, protects she both themselves and others with protective equipment.

She is the social worker at the guest house Mette Marie in Vermont, there is a center for the mentally ill, addicts, and daily use gloves and copious amounts of håndsprit.

If some of værestedets users exhibit symptoms or have a fever, use Henriette also mask and glasses.

“I’m working with a particularly vulnerable audience, and we must take good care of – and we must also take care of ourselves,” she says. “Usually the cuddling we very, but it is not possible at the moment, and it misses the residents.”


Countries throughout the world are struggling to provide protective equipment on the open market, but the 65-year-old Lis Smedegaard Andersen, who is a retired doctor, was much earlier out than all the others, when she bought a face mask.

“I already saw in January, what was going on in China, and ordered a face mask,” she says.

With impaired immune systems feel Lis more confident when she has to out from home.

“I use the mask every time I buy into, and it is only once a week.”

The prudent

Familiefaren 28-year-old Ulrich Dethlef Húnfjörð Jørgensen from the island of Fyn’s not into too often during the epidemic.

When he finally set out to act, it is with protective clothing, rubber gloves, rubber boots and gas mask.

He also saw signs of trouble already in January, and in February he bought the masks for himself, wife and children.

“I’m not doing it here to provoke. I would just really like to do my best not to be a part of every year.”

Ulrich has also provided reserves for contingencies of food for several thousand dollars – he call it due diligence.

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