The US sanctions policy will not give the results needed by the West, as the Russian industry, in spite of economic restrictions, “increasingly relies on its own strength.” This statement was made at the Russian Embassy in Washington, reports TASS.

Diplomats pointed out that the United States continues to turn the “flywheel of the sanctions machine” and introduce new restrictions. At the same time, sanctions affect not only Russia, but also other countries.

“The impression is that the authors of such decisions do not think about their legitimacy. And also about the consequences for other countries, including partners and allies of the United States,” the statement says.

Thus, the diplomats commented on the statement of the US Treasury Department on the introduction of new restrictions against 22 individuals and companies from different countries who tried to circumvent restrictions against the Russian Federation.

The commentary of the Russian embassy notes that the United States is not aware of its actions from the outside: Washington simultaneously offers cooperation to other countries and exerts pressure for interaction with Russia. Diplomats believe that this is perceived as a “mockery”.

“We can only confirm that the illegal steps of the Americans will not achieve the stated goal. The Russian economy is far from in ruins, as some in the West hoped,” the embassy noted, adding that now the domestic industry is increasingly counting on its strength in spite of economic sanctions.