The players of

Anzor Sanaya. Photo from the personal archive

last week here is the first video of Anzor Sanai with home training. The player is now in Sochi, at home.

Alexander Dovbnya. Photo from the personal archive

Defender Alexander Dovbnya now also is at home in Moscow. The athlete stays in the mode of self-isolation. He has also published a video in which Alexander juggles the ball. Signed player photo: “While the family’s asleep.”

Alexey Evseev. Photo from the personal archive

here is Alexey Evseev, former midfielder of “Rotor”, and now on loan playing in Voronezh “the Torch”, trains in St. Petersburg. He, as always, isolation is resting at home. The footballer revealed the Internet for their Pets, accompanied by the inscription: “One for all and all for one.”

the Makarov Family. Photo from the personal archive

But the midfielder Sergei Makarov in Volgograd from Belarus flew with my wife and two sons. The player turned mini-vacation, during which Sergey finds time for sports at home.