The famous actor Mikhail Boyarsky on the eve has been a guest on morning air with Arina Sharapova on the radio "Komsomolskaya Pravda". 70-year-old actor did not complain about the lack of work, preferring to devote every waking minute isolation beloved family. Boyarsky is now with his wife and grandchildren at his dacha in the suburbs of St. Petersburg, thanking God for a leave of absence.

"I feel great! I love that I don’t willingly do not work… Because all my life I worked hard as a Chinese, I have a schedule hanging on the wall – to Moscow tomorrow, day after tomorrow to Kiev and then Tbilisi, and then Krasnoyarsk. The play, write songs, record TV shows, concerts. And now a blank sheet, nothing!

And I enjoy it. Because I am among the 12 people we have on site, in the country, 12 kids .. I’m happy to mess around with my one year old grandson, he already says “Mama” and “dad” will soon say “grandfather” – and then I’ll be absolutely happy!" – says Mikhail Boyarsky.

Caring grandfather happily preparing for your favorite grandchildren simple but delicious homemade food. According to the artist, he personally cooks for the guys in the potatoes, and preparing a tasty pilaf in nature. However, knights boasted that you did find a job even in the conditions of quarantine!

"I yet he moved normally on the hands carry their grandchildren, go to the store, to the pharmacy. And worked as a chauffeur – drive Larissa, my wife, to the theatre and back…

Her theater works: taping performances, stories, poems… Although all of these "online" I don’t understand and don’t need", – said the actor.