American Tara Reid, formerly the representative of the Democratic party, Joe Biden, said that he raped her and wrote him a complaint with the police of Washington.

according to the TV station Fox News, the first time Reid has put forward his accusations a month ago, but now, she again made a statement after the decision of Hillary Clinton to support Biden’s presidential elections in the United States.

According to Tara Reid, she faced sexual harassment on the part of Biden in 1993. Commenting on the decision, Hilary Clinton, Reid stated that she ” had previously enabled influential men to hide their sexual predatory behavior.”

Joe Biden – the main democratic candidate in the upcoming presidential election in the United States. Once during the primaries, withdrew his candidacy for Bernie Sanders, real competition among Democrats he is, in fact, gone. For the post of head of state, he, in all probability, will fight with the current President, Republican Donald trump. Team Biden denies all allegations on the part of Reid.

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