Head of public relations of the complex of urban policy and construction of Moscow Maxim Orlov was the third patient of city clinical hospital №40 in Kommunarka, which is able to recover from COVID-19 after artificial lung ventilation (ALV). On his page on Facebook he published a post where he spoke about treatment in the medical institution.

In its publication Orlov wrote that the coronavirus in the hospital, he spent 22 days, part of which was connected to a ventilator and was in a coma.

“it’s passed all the circles of hell, including a coma, a respirator, dead or roommates and even what my family had to say: “Orlov is not stretched”,” shared details of the head of the press service Strojkompleksa Moscow.

After the eagles thanked the physician of GKB No. 40 Denis Protsenko, head of the intensive care unit Nikita Matuskova, as well as all the doctors and nurses of Metropolitan hospital. The man also spoke about the support of their leadership and colleagues, and at the end thanked all the people who remain indifferent to his problem. He also spoke about those who do not believe in coronavirus infection is a new type and does not comply with the regime of self-isolation.

“Friends, those who deny COVID 19, you — washed-up. Fear him, for he kills, and guaranteed treatment from him — no,” Orlov appealed to the Russians, reminding everyone about the need to stay home.

He also added that the feelings one day in the hospital in Kommunarka, equal months in isolation.

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