the criminal case about the brutal murder of three sisters Khachaturyan his father started in the Butyrsky court of Moscow. Here consider the room the youngest of the sisters Maria Khachaturyan – compulsory treatment. Materials relating to Mary was separated from the General criminal case in separate manufacture because the examination showed that she, unlike Baptisms and angelina, could not understand their actions. The consequence asks to put her in a psychiatric hospital.

what in the Butyrsky court hears a big case, it was clear even on the outskirts of the building. On the porch located journalists near the court, someone unfurled a banner reading: “Self-defence is not a crime.”

In court, the journalists told them that the case will be considered behind closed doors, shooting is also prohibited. The same bailiff repeated all who gathered near the hall on the 6th floor, where there was to begin a meeting.

– And we’d like to see journalists went up to the hall and covered, – said Gennady Musayelyan, the husband of the sister of the murdered Mikhail Khachaturian.

As explained by one of the relatives of the murdered, who refused to give his name, Gennady, who was summoned to court, will voice common to all the relatives of the killed position. “We want to convey to the public that the examination at the Institute of Serbia showed that they (sisters Khachaturian) dangerous to themselves and others,” formulated her woman.

Maria Khachaturian came to the court accompanied by an employee of the Federal penitentiary service. Pale blue shirt tucked into black jeans, sneakers, hair down to his shoulders, barely visible makeup, a perfectly ordinary girl. She was awaiting the beginning of the hearing surrounded by several girls of the same age. The excitement on her face could not be read.

a Little to the side stood the mother of Mary Aurelia Dundukov – a slender young woman in blue stretch pants and the same color shirt, with heels. It was harder for her to hide her feelings, she was visibly nervous.

as soon as the employee of the court called her name, Aurelia quickly followed her daughter into the courtroom. The door behind them tightly closed.