the Ministry of Finance explained private initiative on the confiscation of Bank deposits in Russia, which was accused of illegal income, and transfer these funds to the Pension Fund of Russia. The Department explained that the amendments only need to sync with the norms of the Budget code.

the Ministry of Finance indicated that, with amendments to address legislative gaps. In particular, the Civil code is planned to Refine that to confiscate in favor of the FIU not only the property of the corrupt, but also illegally obtained money.

“In fact — it is a technical correction,” said the Ministry RIA Novosti.

Earlier it became known that the Ministry of Finance proposed to confiscate the suspicious Russians savings and remit them to the Pension Fund. This will be the case if the owners of capital will not be able to prove the legality of its acquisition.

under existing law, the state seized only property if it turns out that it was purchased with unconfirmed income. This year, the FIU received 21.4 billion rubles from the sale of property confiscated from corrupt officials.

Originally, the Finance Ministry did not specify who will carry out inspections of legality of receipt of funds and what will be the minimum amount falling under suspicion. According to the latest review agencies, in this part of the changes is not assumed.

the New rules can enter into force before the end of the year. The forfeiture will extend to all citizens, not just civil servants.

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