whether the man in the street freedom? Probably not. The man in the street wants security, order and justice. Freedom is a painful thing, it assumes an independent choice and personal responsibility for the decision. The inseparable connection between freedom, security and justice eludes the layman. Moreover, free-thinking subjects cause it irritation of his abstract philosophizing and gut-wrenching soul inside out reflection.

think of the story when the woman first, at a Mature age, I read “Anna Karenina” by L. N. Tolstoy. Her reaction was quite worldly: “She would have had a cow to start, but better two.” In fact, daily morning milking completely discourages the desire to throw under the train. Not to mention the fact that full-time care for domestic animals leaves no time for adultery and other nonsense.

let’s Leave the layman with his worldly psychology. Much more I care about a creative minority. Or rather, the question of what gives creative people the strength to stand unmoved in his position, which never was and never will be popular. The question is not idle, for it is only by the efforts of the creative class are able to eventually overcome any of the epidemic in the broad sense of the word. Whether it is cholera, coronavirus or the massive obfuscation of the minds on all grounds. Irresistible aspirations of the “weirdos” to the stars break the spacecraft, the launch of which does not increase milk yields. So the question of self-awareness, creative minority is not idle; he, if anyone, to be Central in the setting of increasing heart troubles and confusion in the minds.

recently received a letter from a friend of the headmaster. He is high professional, a recent winner of the all-Russian contest “school Director.” He described in humorous vein, the story allows, in my opinion, to see the origins of people’s skepticism in relation to any attempts of modernization and progress in General. It took place in the regional center. There was ready acceptance that only a modernized hospital. The school Director received the order to spin together with the regional Minister of health, who was to remove reporters as extras. The tour was led by the chief doctor of the hospital. He walked ahead of the procession through the corridors of the building and excitedly told me about the millions spent and the new superdorogo equipment. In the old hospital narrow corridors, the procession turned endlessly, moving from room to room. And the main doctor talked and talked until one of the turns, participants did not find that the Minister of health with them. The procession turned together back through the maze areas in search of a Minister.

oode of the main building they saw that Mrs. ministersha goes to barrack buildings standing in the depths of the hospital yard. Mincing the Minister had directed the officials, then the reporters, well, everything else. The trouble was that the case has already gone far, and to take off running for her procession could not, since everything was on camera.

Caught up with her in that moment, when she entered the barracks. Everyone present, including reporters, opened the following picture. In a huge cast iron tub a woman in a dirty white robe with a makeshift badge glued to the gown with tape, a huge stick interfered with linen. For a moment the room began to reign so quiet, like just stabbed a duck.

the Case began to dig into the papers to find the required financial report. Comparing the document with the reality, looks like a picture from the novels of Dickens beginning of the last century, she said, “Well, how is it? You’ve got the documents Samsung, Ariston, Bosh? How do you do?” What the laundryman, the evil zirkov on a movie star, gave an exhaustive answer: “What is BOSH? Job I simple. I’m here Bosch”. What is there to add? Many, and perhaps most importantly. Ugly and cynical incarnation of modernization in our local Palestine does not negate the struggle for progress, without which we cannot survive. In this particular and, unfortunately, a typical case, a professional from education are faced with the ugly modernization in medicine. All because of the notorious “kickback”!

it’s Funny how words, overcoming borders become international. We are proud of the fact that the Russian word “Sputnik” has acquired an international dimension. We are happy to announce Patriotic citizens. “Rollback” is firmly entrenched in our vocabulary, and most importantly, the widespread practice — not a domestic invention. The word has been translated from English. Rollback is a form of bribery by agreement in which a briber pays a Commission in exchange for services rendered. This is a kind of bribe, which is that official or employee of the company when choosing a supplier of goods or services receives compensation.

If someone from this knowledge and feel better, then I don’t. Our import substitution, or rather, importozameschenie foreign term rolls. It is no secret that kickbacks we sometimes reach up to 70%. Believe that in education pseudonocardiaceae with rare exception, is no better. Known not a few cases when high-speed Internet exists only on paper. Such examples, when the pandemic conditions of teachers in rural schools in implementing distance learning in the absence of the Internet, slips of paper with tasks under the doors of students and in the same manner get an answer, is not uncommon. Such SEL’scue the teacher, like the laundress would adjusted for education to say: “What the hell cable channels of information transfer? I here the cable.”

nevertheless, my friend the Director doesn’t give up. Anyway, in my rural school has been able to develop a real online training in pandemic conditions. Why not rent? Because professional! Hence, unshakable confidence, and dignity. Not cocky overconfidence of a dilettante, a calm awareness of their skills.

Because freedom is the way of life of masters and not tramps. This becomes especially visible today, when the skill of individual professionals — doctors, depends on the preservation of the lives of millions of people. Unfortunately, in other areas, dependence on individual skills of professionals for all the not so obvious. And besides, a true master is truly passionate about her profession, she gives him genuine pleasure, irrespective of market assessments of the society, which has long been the custom, wants primarily security and justice.

But it is internally free, the wizard provides both. Security all clear, but justice requires a separate explanation. Again, this is easiest to prove in the medical example. Obviously, in the General struggle for the embellishment of statistics and the tyranny of quantitative indicators superior the surgeon should avoid situations dangerous to his reputation and we will not hide the size of earnings. In other words, it should avoid severe cases to maintain a high success rate. In such circumstances, masters displace to the periphery of the profession, from the elite clinics in a hospital for the poor. So the best professionals provide assistance to socially unprotected layers of the population, fighting for the lives of their patients. The reward they get invaluable experience of rescuing people in seemingly hopeless situations.

the Paradox is that when strong world gets really bad, then the net names of the doctors of the provincial hospitals. Today it has begun. In the years of Soviet pseudorubella when the high range was served by a special Kremlin medical administration, were born saying: “parquet floors — doctors questionnaire”. And to conduct serious operations invited the usual doctors of the city hospitals, got high-profile titles and titles, but has a huge daily practice for the salvation of men. So freedom together with independence of craftsmen to provide the highest justice. We ever understand?