the Results of voting on amendments to the Constitution turned out sensational even for many scientists. “Clearly the Kremlin believes the triumph of voting results on the amendments to the Constitution” – has declared on Thursday to journalists a press-the Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov. In terms of coronavirus, vacations, summer, summer season and so on, they had planned a turnout of about 60% and got 67,97%. In conditions of economic crisis, and fatigue from epidemic normal would be considered the result of more than 60% and excellent 70% voted “for” the amendment. But after completion of the CEC’s processing of protocols of vote according to the Constitution it became clear that amending the Basic law was supported by 77,92%, against made of 21.27%.

We asked our experts to comment on these results.

Igor Kuznetsov, Professor, Moscow state University, political scientist, Executive Director of the Russian society of political scientists

. — The turnout is high now, but it is not much different from the turnout in the presidential elections of 2018. You can clearly explain why it happened. This is the first national political action after the suspension of all political activities during the pandemic. That is, if you want, open season. Therefore, increased attention. And the second reason, it may be even more important is the amount of material and content which is offered to the citizens. There’s just not even something to compare. Probably only with the adoption of the 1993 Constitution. Although if the context is fully interrupt the content itself. Then the Constitution was adopted after the attempted armed coup, after the shooting of the White house with tanks. Then the majority of people simply do not read the project, our research clearly showed. Today the citizens were offered a wide range of changes — from the social amendments to the reconstruction of the powers of government, ideological things.

support for the amendment is also very high, but in various regions it is different. You see some support in Moscow, for example, remote voting and in the Nizhny Novgorod region, where it is even lower. And what kind of support in other regions: 86%, 90%. What is characteristic for our country, and not only for our country, no here the electoral anomalies that I can see. Different subjects of the Federation. Different on the economy, on the socio-economic development, in political life functionnaly different vote. It’s just, maybe now evident, but in principle it is a kind of reality. It has always been in our country.

Yevgeny Minchenko, President of the holding “Minchenko consulting”

– I think the result is really extraordinary. But then we must remember that it was an unprecedented action when it was possible to vote during the week when there have been various formats — and street holopopping and home based and on the Internet. So, I think, of course, the convenience of voting seriously affected the growth of turnout. I don’t see a large number of allegations of abuse. I would say that those who came to vote — for or against — they are, in particular, demonstrated its confidence in this procedure.

Putin has managed once again to demonstrate a large enough level of public support. As I understand it, targets the turnout was 50% pole in terms of support of 60% plus, so this is more optimistic than the minimum program set. Rather, apparently, reached the program maximum.