Malysheva called the coronavirus one of the most beautiful viruses

TV Presenter, doctor of medical Sciences Elena Malysheva, answering the question of how dangerous coronavirus, called it one of the most beautiful viruses. This opinion she expressed during a live broadcast in Instagram.

“You said it was not dangerous. Now you speak the language of the government, which is very dangerous. Where is the truth?” — wrote Malysheva, one of podeschi. “I once thought that this is one of the most beautiful viruses think so,” replied the host, explaining his point of view the fact that the average age of death from coronavirus — 79-a-half years, and the children they hardly hurt.

“it is necessary to Look for infection, where the same average age of death,” — said Malyshev. She said that he does not believe that older people must die, and noted that her own mother is 86 years old. However, according to the leading, from the point of view of population threats the measles, despite the availability of vaccines much more dangerous. The reason lies in the fact that measles children die from coronavirus — no. The latter, according to Malysheva is a great happiness.

Earlier Malysheva shared with subscribers of a test called “Survive your lungs coronavirus”. She has published several methods, the implementation of which will help a person to understand whether it is at risk in a pandemic.