“when I was at SU, who bought you pasta and ketchup, and then lived basically of it – and then the oatmeal,” says Kenneth Hansen in Tuesday’s edition of ‘Luksusfælden’.

Along with his partner Carsten Linnemann is he on the way to Hillerød, where they must help the couple Simon and Simone, both at SU, with their hovedrystende poor economy.

Both the 27-year-old Simon and the 29-year-old Simone is a student, but their habits do not accord with their meager income.

The priority several times a week to eat out and order take away to itself and simone’s two children, but it is really a luxury, they are in no way afford.

Particularly the end of the month enough to get food from the outside, read – on the table.

“We took a payday loan of 1000 crowns to be able to get some food,” Simon tells us, in the experts ‘ arrival.

indeed, It is the couple’s madpost that jumps in the eyes, when the experts present them for how they have spent their money over the past year.

Before the amount is revealed, ask Kenneth Hansen and Carsten Linnemann pair to come up with a bid on how much they have spent on the food.

Simon takes quickly the word. He shoots at a 4-5000 dollars. Maybe 6000. But he must be surprised.

With a stack of banknotes in the start of the hand Kenneth Hansen to put one 1000-kroneseddel after the other on the table. He gets at something that feels like an eternity, and it is just before, the table is not wide enough.

“There is 10.900 dollars, because I choose to go out and eat. Choose not to take a packed lunch, but buying food in the canteen on your education. And then, In check every single day,” he notes, and states:

“you are SU. What the hell is this?”

For the couple it is about, that it is easier to eat out. And so they want to send a signal to the outside world that they have enough money.

But it is in no way the case. Together they have a debt of nearly 700,000, and they have no overview of how much they owe and to whom.

The overview, experts will help them, but this requires that their budget is going on a much needed diet.

You can see if Kenneth Hansen and Carsten Linnemann has luck with to help the couple on Viaplay and TV3 at 20.