In this day of the anniversary of a wonderful author’s rock-operas “Juno and Avos” and “the Star and Death of Joaquin Murieta”, numerous symphonic and chamber works, countless popular songs and music for film Videoclub is a conversation with the master.


– what is the mystery behind the dramatic fate of the rock Opera “Juno and Avos”;

– how did the premiere of “the Liturgy of the catechumens” in the American St. Petersburg;

– what Aram Khachaturian hated “sabre Dance”;

– how and why the popular composer he became a film Director;

– why in Russia there is no more film music;

new life to Prince Bolkonsky.

fragments of the film “the adventures of Pinocchio”, “the very Munchausen”, “the Ghost of Sonora”, “the Liturgy of the catechumens”, the plays “Juno and Avos”, “War and peace”.

But the release of the 4th video club would not be as memorable if not for the premiere of the new film of Alexey Rybnikov “Lost”. The fate of a successful film Director, who decided to put in the movie, his artistic project. In trying to find support, he meets a famous producer, who asks him to change the script. Before the hero gets the choice to sacrifice principles, or doom your project to failure. When the hero made his choice, fate played a trick on him.

Screenwriter, Director, author of music – Alexey Rybnikov.

Actors: Michael Markov, Anna Bolshova, Nikolay Drozdov, Nikolay Lyutov.

On the website under the heading “Gallery meetings” is also available for three of the previous release of the video club:

Meeting with actor Danila Shevchenko and his comic tale “the Magic Apple”.

Conversation with the playwright Nikolai Kolyada, a meeting with the theater. The Comedy “Baba Chanel”.

Meeting with the composer Alexander by Zhurbinym and his creations – the rock Opera “Orpheus and Eurydice”, musicals, “Penelope” and “Caesar and Cleopatra”, the Opera “the Metamorphosis of love”.