Grandson of actress Catherine Deneuve Igor Vadim was arrested in France on suspicion of links with the Italian mafia and involvement in the forgery of money. On Friday, July 17, reports The Daily Mail.

32-year-old Vadim was one of 44 people arrested across Europe as part of the operation Europol’s “Nero,” aimed at curbing the activities of the clan of the Camorra, engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of counterfeit banknotes in denominations of 50 euros.

In France, was arrested three people: in addition to Vadim, it is also a French citizen of Italian descent and a citizen of Italy, which is considered one of the mafia bosses. In addition, in the framework of operation were seized fake notes of 9.9 million euros, 8.3 million euros in the true bills, and a varied value of about 10 million euros.

the Alleged role of Igor Vadim in a criminal organization has not yet been announced. He faces extradition to Italy and the court.

Igor Vadim — the grandson of actress Catherine Deneuve and the late film Director Roger Vadim. It is reported that he was very close with my grandmother and often accompanied her during various public appearances.

Earlier in November 2019, it became known that Deneuve suffered an ischemic stroke. 76-year-old actress, known for the films “Dancer in the dark”, “Disgust”, “8 women,” “the umbrellas of Cherbourg” and “Belle de jour”, I had to take a break from work. Later it was reported that she recovered and feeling well.