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On the Eastern shore of the Crimean Peninsula between the towns of Kerch and Feodosiya, you’ll Opuksky nature reserve. Its territory is a unique lake koyashske that in its beauty can compete with many natural attractions of the world.

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the largest salt lake of the Crimea is bordered by the sea — they are separated by only a small strip of sand and soil. This place is very popular among tourists as in the summer time the water in the lake is colored in pink and red colors. The lake changes its color depending on the weather: the drier and hotter, the color becomes more saturated.

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Its incredible rose red color of the lake is a microscopic Alga that secretes a red pigment. By the way, these algae also secrete substances which enrich the water beta-carotene and iodine, which makes salt lake Kojashsky extremely useful and valuable.

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Because pink lake located on the territory of the reserve, the entrance to it periodically limit. But in there you can safely walk along the coast.

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