Compensation drivers 20 thousand rubles for each illegal penalty, evacuation to the impound lot in the case of driving without insurance, increase penalty to 5 thousand rubles for running a red light, arrested for driving without a license, tougher sanctions for road services that violate the technology of repair. These are the proposals of the working group of the Russian popular front (onf) and independent experts to finalize the new administrative code which will be sent to the Ministry of justice. The Ministry promised to study them.Amendments to the draft Cao were discussed on June 23 at a meeting of the working group “protecting the rights of motorists” at the front. The new code will recall, is being developed by the Ministry of justice in January 2020 was published its first edition in April — the second. The working group set up at the front to collect initiatives from the public, representatives of the “Blue buckets”, the “society of the protection of the rights of motorists”, the independent lawyers, carriers, lawyers, journalists, and representatives of the Ministry of transport and camera operators Association (“EYE”), the capital of TMS. The Ministry of justice had previously stated that they are ready to work with the onf and to consider the proposal.Corrections contain both easing and tightening for motorists.During the meeting of the working group onf controversy was the topic of auto-commit violations. Expert Gregory suhman offered to enter the code rule according to which with the help of tablets and other mobile devices violations may fix only the “officials”, and in manual mode (with the minutes on the spot). The idea of Mr. Shuchman was to limit the application of the capital applications, “the Assistant of Moscow”, whose legitimacy is disputed by the lawyers is not the first year. Association EYE suggested the deletion of this prohibition, but to add strict requirements for software used in tablets and smartphones used by citizens and inspectors. The Ministry of justice is waiting for proposals of the popular front (they will be sent for evaluation to the authorities that present their objections), said the representative of the Ministry, noting that assessors need to be ready for further discussion. In a press-service of the Ministry of justice, “b” promised to consider the idea of the popular front “in the prescribed manner and to consider the appropriateness of their consideration in finalizing the bill.” Public discussion of the draft code ends tomorrow, June 24. Informed the working group onf suggested traffic police to introduce new signs for the fixation of average speed on the roads. The Ministry of internal Affairs rejected the idea of experts, calling it “unwarranted and excessive”.”To talk about these proposals, as amended — incorrect,— said “Kommersant”, first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on state construction Vyacheslav Lysakov.— They can be a subject of discussion, debates, and so��. Perhaps some elements of the proposals and can be considered in the future, but again, take note that this topic is irrelevant, as the new edition of the administrative code with high probability will go to the next convocation. In the current edition of the code these amendments, the Committee will not be considered”.Ivan Buranov