A journalist for a long time at the clinic.

Bozena of Rynska scared of their fans. It turns out that the woman is in the hospital after undergoing surgery. She spoke about it in his account in Facebook. The star had to resort to urgent and necessary surgery for “female” theme. As explained Rynska, it has nothing to do with aesthetic medicine.


“We a long ECHO each other,” wrote the 45-year-old Bozena. It turns out that “echo of the battle for child” and got to it.

Recall that for a long time, the journalist could not get pregnant and was treated for infertility. For four years she had to undergo hormone therapy. However, they with Igor Malashenko was unable to have children.


Publish from Bozhena Rynska (Malashenko) (@bozhenarynska) 19 May 2020 5:57 PDT

Only after a while after her husband’s death Rynska resorted to IVF to give birth to a child. In the clinic, Bozena admitted that they misses her husband and would like to have it just sitting next to your computer. “The worst loneliness is when you’re with a loved one,” – said the star.

Netizens asked a celebrity not to worry and to tune in to only the best. They believe that soon a woman can return to her child. “Get well, baby is worth it!” “Hold on! Waiting for you at home,” – left comments members of the journalist.