And the initiative was born in Star city, where for many years lived a couple of Belyaeva. The wife of the pilot-cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union Pavel Ivanovich Belyaev, Tatyana Filippovna Belyaev – he was the first Director of the Museum of cosmonautics in Star. This Museum was organized at the initiative of the detachment of cosmonauts Gagarin set and opened in 1967 – with the participation of Yuri Gagarin and his comrades in the first squad.

a Week ago, on June 6, Tatiana Filippovna Belyaeva did not. But until her last days, she maintained contact with colleagues and friends, and they have a family of Belyaeva, in Moscow, Kaluga, Korolev, Gagarin, Zhukovsky. In a rural school in Vologda, where he studied Pasha Belyaev, countrymen and friends within the framework of Gagarin’s lesson set the Desk astronaut-hero.

In 2020 will be 95 years since the birth of Pavel Belyaev and Tatyana Filippovna really wanted to commemorate him, to give to museums of the space siren from their family garden, – said the Director of Fund “the Cosmos is all of us” Elena Metakovsky. – So we decided to fulfill this desire. Already in the memory of Pavel Ivanovich and Tatyana Filippovna. In this we actively supported the head of Star city, responded to colleagues at the Museum of cosmonautics in Moscow, the State Museum of history of cosmonautics named after K. E. Tsiolkovsky in Kaluga, at the United memorial Museum of Y. A. Gagarin in his homeland, as well as in the administration of the Babushkinsky district of the Vologda region and the school that bears the name of P. I. Belyaev.

the Younger Bush of white lilac, which this year bloomed to Star in Gagarin brought Elena herself Metakovsky. And the place he was identified near the house where lived the parents of the first cosmonaut and where not once came Paul and Tatyana Belyaeva. Across the road is the House-Museum of school years of Yuri Gagarin, in front of the porch planted with his own hands lilac. Also white…

– This symbolic roll call will remind us and visitors to the Museum about pioneers of space, their friendship and good human relationships that they could carry through the decades and bequeathed to us, – said immediately after planting, Director of the United memorial Museum of Nikolai Mironov.

Your feelings shared in this moment and Tamara Dmitrievna Filatova, a niece of the first cosmonaut, many years directed the memorial Department of the Museum at his birthplace.

I knew Pavel Ivanovich and his family since the early 60’s. And his eldest daughter Ira we lived in the same Dorm at MSU. Tatiana Filip shortly before his death, punished daughter: it is necessary to pass the lilac Filatova. For her it was very important that this memory remained in the homeland of Yuri.

Tamara Dmitrievna recalled that Pavel Belyaev – a member of the great Patriotic war. Among our astronauts there were only two: he and Georgeiy Shore. Therefore, it is doubly symbolic that “lilac Belyaev” happened in the year of the 75th anniversary of the Victory and became part of the nationwide event “Memory Gardens”.

the Son of a frontline pilot Ivan Laveikin Hero of Russia pilot-cosmonaut Alexander Laveykin the Day of Russia planted a Bush of white lilac from the garden of Belyaeva in the garden of the House-Museum of academician S. P. Korolev, on the street named after him in Moscow district Ostankino. As an experienced gardener then “assisted” Vladimir Y. Artyukhin – the son of a pilot-cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union Yuri Petrovich artyukhina and grandson who died in the 41st in the defense of Leningrad, Pyotr Pavlovich artyukhina.

Synchronous action took place in the same moment at the House-Museum of Tsiolkovsky in Kaluga, and Pavel Belyaev, note, was made an Honorary citizen of this city. In Kaluga region “lilac Belyaev” presented and ordered Hero of Russia pilot-cosmonaut Sergei Zaletin and Executive Director of the Association of museums of cosmonautics (AMCOS) Alexander Marusev.

And the home of the commander of the space ship “Voskhod-2” – in the village of min’kovo Babushkinsky district, Vologda region – the memorial siren landed in the alley next to the school which bears the name of P. I. Belyaev. Responded to the invitation, the head of the region Tatiana Zhirkova, Chairman of the municipal headquarters of the “Victory Volunteers” Irina Serebrova, Director of Babushkinsky district historical Museum Elena Sysoeva, head of the rural settlement of Julia Minkovsky prosvirnina, the school Director Marina veduchina. And the most active students Minkovsky high school named after P. I. Belyaev received the right to plant lilac and with adults to tie memorial ribbons.

According to Elena Metakovsky, on the same day Belyaev lilac was planted near the school № 1 named after Yu. a. Gagarin in the homeland of the first cosmonaut.