Producer Joseph Prigogine called the Russian show-business “hypocritical community”. He told this in an interview with “Interlocutor”.

How to write “Rambler” before Prigogine stated that the artists of coronavirus has appeared in “monstrous” situation. According to him, the crisis has affected even the most popular, and they are now “almost a disaster and are eating what was possible in his time to save”. Producer for your words elicit harsh condemnation, including from representatives of show business.

Joseph Prigogine noted that he had talked to those who would condemn him for speaking about the plight of artists, particularly by Kuklachev, Yuri and Ivan Okhlobystin, however, they insisted that “journalists got it wrong”.

“Look, show business is a hypocritical community, liars eyes,” said the producer.

He also stressed that “all over the world for participation in festivals, for television broadcast pay money”, and Russian artists “work like serfs”.

“Only two artist said at the time: “no Freebies!” is Sergey Shnurov and Alla Pugacheva. If all the actors behaved, then we would have a different attitude,” – said Prigogine.