Four shrubby puppy dog born in the Moscow zoo, said on Thursday TASS in the press service of the institution.

"Male Witli Puzle and the female Frey for the second time become parents. For male puppies is an extremely important event. Some time before birth he began to build the house – dug hole below the female with cubs was convenient to be located there. Although shrub for dogs was prepared by the special houses, the zoo staff decided that in the arrangement of a family nest better not to interfere – let it be, and Nora", – told the press service.

According to zoologists, after birth, the male cared for the young mother brought her food, guarded and protected, and cared for puppies. Now the cubs have grown up, but still kept closer to their parents. They feed on mother’s milk and are already trying adult food.

"Shrubby dogs are pack animals, they communicate, resonate and do everything together. Three older puppies, they were born in September last year, take care of my mother – bring her food, and in addition, control of the area – walk around the perimeter of the enclosure and monitor the situation", – said the press service.

The shrubby nature dogs are quite secretive, hiding in a South American Bush. But in the zoo they can often be seen in the outdoor enclosure. They play, bathe in the pond – these animals are good swimmers and dive. Aviary shrub dogs located on the old territory of the Moscow zoo, near cages of musk oxen, maned wolves and raccoons.