Businessman Oleg Tinkov ill coronavirus infection COVID-19 and has recovered. This he announced on my instagram.

Publish from Oleg Tinkov (@olegtinkov) 30 Jun 2020 5:06 PDT

In March, as reported by “the Rambler”, Tinkov said that he was sick with an acute form of leukemia. Today he published the photograph in a hospital room surrounded by family.

Sobchak suspected of PR on the disease Tinkov

In the caption to her, the businessman said that, in addition to cancer, he had two sepsis and a lot of “side effects”, but he was literally saved three courses of chemotherapy at the Helios clinic in Berlin.

Currently he is in remission for blood and molecular level, but remained a small number of leukemia cells, therefore he decided to do a bone marrow transplant. It will be held in London next week.

“I certainly would not have passed all these tests, if not for my family. Thank you, I love you! And, of course, pray to the Lord, he rescued me and saved after two sepsis and a COVID-19, Yes-Yes, I’m still ill with the coronavirus three months ago,” he added, still thanking friends and business partners.