TV host Vladimir Solovyov was invited to the YouTube live transmission “Soloviev LIVE,” former co-host Anna Shafran, who resigned in early June after what happened between them in the conflict. He also awarded her the victory over Ksenia Sobchak in an interview.

“Anna B. was won by one wicket, it just destroyed Sobchak, took and tore it,” — said Solovyov and invited Saffron to the air.

The anchorwoman appeared on the screen and together they discussed her new hairstyle.

She later told about his impressions from the interview with Sobchak. “We quietly talked. I have the feeling that people judge for yourself about all events and about people,” said Saffron.

“I went there in order to clearly arrange the accents, to dissociate themselves from non-system opposition. Because after we broke up, various rumors and innuendo began to spread,” — said the Saffron. Soloviev noted that they continue to operate on a single radio station.

To them live via video link and joined Sobchak. She told the host that he believes the interview with Saffron “as one of its most successful.” “I was wondering, this is the format that needs to be discussed,” concluded Sobchak.

In an interview with Sobchak Saffron reported that they did not left the program, and agreed to the proposal Solovyov to leave her. She also commented on the harassment by a co-host. According to Saffron, this attitude Solovyov had on it negative influence.

Saffron, together with Solovyov spent a long time morning show “Full contact” on the radio “Vesti FM”. Informed him I had been on “the Silver rain” transfer “Nightingale trills”. From the beginning of June leading no longer work together after a conflict in one of the ethers.