Russian TV weatherman on NTV channel Alexander Belyaev said that he underwent surgery to remove the tumor, which was described as “heavy bloody epic.” It is reported StarHit.

“Recently, something terrible has happened, came up sugar, I was covered in blood. Called the ambulance, during an emergency examination, the doctors found a five centimeter tumor,” said he.

According to the moderator, as a result, he urgently underwent surgery, which lasted about nine hours.

The specialist admitted that he had rectal cancer, not lung cancer. Belyaev explained that concealed the diagnosis as “cancer of the rectum sounds not comme Il faut”.

“In the end, someone has written about lung cancer, and I did not argue”, he added.

Currently, lead was released from the hospital. According to him, the tumor was eventually removed, and installed an implant in the pelvis.

“Breathe fresh air and enjoy while temporary success,” concluded Belyaev.

In may Belyaev said that he had undergone surgery not related to cancer: it’s a surgical treatment of an abscess purulent inflammation. The presenter then claimed that he feels well.

Alexander Belyaev — geographer, hydrologist, candidate of geographical Sciences, leading several TV shows on NTV, including weather, coming out at the end of the news release. It was reported that he was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2011. Belyaev had several operations. In an interview, he told me that died of cancer and his mother and wife.