Leading eagle and tails told about the surveillance of her husband

Leading travel show “heads and tails” Regina todorenko said that watching her husband, singer Vlad Topalov with the help of a special program on the smartphone. She announced this on air of the program “New Russian sensations” on NTV. A release published on the website of the channel.

“I occasionally Do it is where it is because I have the program”, — said the leader. She also revealed that her husband sent her a few minutes ago, live with my son and talked to him on the phone in front of the cameras.

Todorenko said that you can check whether there is a spouse at home, thanks to video surveillance in the apartment. She showed a video from the camera live. “That’s it, Vlad Topalov, sitting in his underpants, is not deceived,” said the leader.

Informed members Vlad Topalov made fun of the singer in Instagram because of the words of his wife on domestic violence. The singer responded to a number of messages in the form of a foul, after which he was also accused of alcoholism, drug addiction and the desire “to hurt the wife because the booty don’t spit as I should”.

Todorenko in an interview with Peopletalk on YouTube said that women can be guilty that they are beaten. She later apologized for his statement, but many netizens condemned her resentment grew into persecution leading. After the scandal magazine Glamour stripped Todorenko the title of “woman of the year”, stressing that any violence, including bullying, is unacceptable.