a Heart attack, the actor Mikhail Efremov was “diagnosed” not doctors and his lawyer Elman Pashayev. According to the lawyer, his client refused to call an ambulance.

the Lawyer previously told “MK” that night Ephraim had a heart, which he had to abandon plans to visit her mother’s grave on the anniversary of her death on June 25. However, the actor did not seek help from doctors. According to Pashayeva, this behaviour can be perceived not only as “self-flagellation”.

“I did, of course, scolded for what an ambulance is. I explained that it is not a violation of house arrest. It’s not a headache, it is the heart,” said Pashayev “the Fifth channel”.

He also said that Efremov is still in shock after the accident and feels broken.

According to the daughter of Ephraim Anna Maria, father now “rests more or less” is really sorry about what happened. She refused to give an evaluation of the incident to give the media extra reason to write about it.

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