the Star of “Junior” Ivan Zhvakin returned to Moscow and hoped that the rest of the summer will hold in work. In addition, Ivan argues that is ready to create a real family.

At the time all restrictions on the movement Ivan left Moscow. The actor sat in the car, took the cat and went to his native Chelyabinsk.

“In Chelyabinsk, I traveled with friends to the lake: a fire, tents, swimming! In the Urals too much sun, in contrast to the capital. Managed to sunbathe, as if visited in the South,” — said Ivan in an interview WomanHit.

Now the actor is already in Moscow and cannot wait to start filming, which had to be postponed because of the pandemic. Ivan is ready to devote all his time to the work, which is quite natural for a young bachelor. Not so long ago the secular press wrote about the novel of Ivan and actress Ksenia Lukyanchikova. Young colleagues were a couple for three years, but then relations have exhausted themselves.

“the Period during which each person will certainly reveal themselves from all sides — three years. That’s how much we were a couple, but then mutually decided to break up. Just different characters and different temperaments”, — commented Ivan.

Now the actor, in his own words, seriously thinks about starting a family. And says that he would like to see next to a delightful lady in every way. However, while Ivan says, is who he has in mind.