In the case of the fatal accident involving actor Mikhail Efremov was a new scandal. On Wednesday, the lawyer of the artist Elman Pashayev called the brother of the deceased Sergey Zakharov and tried to establish contact with him for compensation. A relative of the victim Ephraim confirmed that he is not against such a development, if you allow his counsel.

on Thursday, the family’s lawyer zakharovykh in conversation with Pashayev wished to discuss the question of payment of compensation on Monday. However, some time later, the lawyer wrote a message to his counterpart that once again spoke to the official wife and the brother of Sergey Zakharov. The outcome of this communication – the categorical refusal of native the driver from any assistance on the part of Ephraim.

the Pasha regarded this behavior as manipulation and the attempt to make death Zakharova object of bargaining and public relations. “They’re trying to fill the price. I will not allow anyone to have contact with my client”, he added.

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