Cats can be saved in the basements of apartment buildings. The draft government decree, which involves the closure of all openings purge of chicken wire mesh, rewrite. The Ministry of construction agree. This was announced at a meeting of the Duma Committee on ecology and environmental protection.

Recently, the official portal for public comment was posted a draft resolution of government “on approval of rules On management of apartment houses and maintenance of the common property of owners of premises in apartment houses”. Prepared by the Ministry of construction document immediately attracted the attention of animal rights activists: they found that it changes for the worse the plight of homeless cats, who have chosen the basements of apartment buildings and live there to escape the cold and bad weather, and at the same time prey on rats and mice. Compassionate citizens of the cats fed and cared for.

it will be recalled that about two years ago after long discussions and public campaigns in the rules of content of common property of apartment buildings (basement — part of the property) has made changes that require you to leave the cats one small not closed the bars move to the basement. But now the relevant departments took a step back and proposed to make mandatory the establishment of a grid (cell size 0.5 cm) with “all openings, channels and holes crawlway” for protection from rodents. Owners of premises in the house, however, wanted to give the right to the General meeting to make a decision “about the constant maintenance in the open state during the entire calendar year, one of the produh”.

the head of the Duma Committee on ecology and environmental protection Vladimir burmatov (“ER”), opening a meeting on the issue of responsible treatment of animals, said: the draft resolution has caused “heated discussion”, and the number of opponents of adoption of the document in this form is ten times the number of supporters — this follows from the reviews on the official website, and from a special survey conducted by the Committee itself. Although formally the Ministry of construction seems to be gives you the opportunity to resolve the issue in favor of the cats, but really to organize the General meeting of owners for the sake of it — it is almost unbelievable. Mr. Burmatov said to leave one produh free is not only an act of humanitarianism but also an effective measure of struggle “against the invasion of rats and mice.” According to him, before the meeting, he spoke to the head of the Ministry of construction, and we have agreed that “the wording will be adjusted”: “by default, at least one basement window is open, it won’t climb the mesh, and the animals will be able to pass inside, and the terrorists no.” Later, the Deputy in conversation with “MK” explained that virtually all will return to that state of Affairs tootori is now in effect, that is, if the General meeting of the owners suddenly decides that without exception, all vents in the basement should be sealed tightly — so be it.

the Representative of the Ministry Svetlana Nikonova said that the ventilation in the basement — only one of which is solved in the draft resolution of the issues. And this question, according to the official, must be separately discussed — taking into account the need to ensure observance of sanitary norms, safety of engineering communications and “humane treatment of animals.”

next week, the state Duma held a meeting of the working group, which with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of construction and Ministry of natural resources will discuss the wording, said Mr. Burmatov, “and the sanitary situation will not worsen, and protect animals and citizens from the intrusion into the basement of criminals”.

Question about the sanitary situation are not idle: in the same draft resolution is the requirement for mandatory disinfestation in the basement. The victims may be living there cats. Mr. Burmatov, however, a special problem here does not see: “rodent control is almost never carried out, the management companies do not want to do it, and only cats are some limiting numbers of rodents” — he said “MK”. According to the Deputy, fed and nursed the basement of the animals residents and animal rights activists, after seeing an ad about sanitary measures (they must be posted in advance), will be able to take measures to protect their wards. But in the basement frequently and live wild animals to collect and thus save difficult.

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